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Because there are a lot of EWS2 emulator related questions from newbies, we are writing this FAQ to make some things clear.

Q: I purchased from china and see that you are designer of this. Please help me, it doesn't work!

A: Ask for support where you purchased it. Yes, right, we sold this project to some factories all over the world. But like always they do, quality and support problems exist. Avoid china!

Q: Why there is a 4-digit ISN at your software? INPA reads only 3 digits...

A: First digit is 0 by default. Yes, really ISN for EWS2 is 12 bits long. True! :)

Q: I have MS41. Where I can find connection points to ECU?

A: It's up to you. If you are not familiar with WDS and Ohm's law, this job is not for you. Leave it to more experienced people.

Q: How to connect it to 2005 MY BMW X5? I tested, it isn't working. You are selling shit!

A: No comments. There are a lot of EWS related documents freely available on the WEB. Anybody with a little of brain can find differences between EWS2 and EWS3 principles by himself.

Q: Up to which MY it works?

A: It depends on engine ECU used. And only ECU! All ECU's designed and first released before 1998 will work. That means - for example - DDE2.2 that was designed and introduced at first in 1996, but used on cars until 2002, will work. MS42 designed at 1998/99 - definitely not.

Q: I have EWS3 on my car. Will your emulator work?

A: Who knows... Any EWS3 can work in EWS2 or EWS3 mode. It is it's coding related. Search for ECU type!

Q: I read ISN with INPA from EWS and ECU. They are different, but car works great. Which one I must put into emulator?

A: You must always use one read from ECU. But !!! Some old versions of INPA read ISN incorrectly (because it's a function from "production number"). Use Tool32 instead!

Q: How to connect emulator without car to configure?