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CAScontrol - utility

There are some additional free utilities available to make some jobs more easy (note - they are not a main task of CAScontrol dongle, that’s why all utilities are on as-is basis).

All utilities work together with CAScontrol dongle, it must be plugged into any available USB slot.

1. ECU: ISN from dump or via OBD socket - now all in one:

3. ISN restore from rolling codes (CAS in EWS3 mode)

Use if:

Choose CAS kind, load dump, press Go.  In case of success you will see calculated ISN. Press it once again, must see same value but different step index.

2. CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ dump tool:

Designed to explain CAS, copy keys from one dump to another etc.

Software highlights any checksum errors and correct them at save. It is possible to export and import key/keys from one CAS dump to another through key file, clear mileage, read and change ISN. For advanced users only. Allows to crypt / decrypt CAS data (both types of crypto supported).  

It is possible to copy all key data into separate file (KEY FILE) and import any key into another dump into any place. KEY FILE is accepted by HTpro hitag2 key programmer too (more info → transponder tools)

About CryptoKEY in case if CAS is crypted and you are trying to decode it via EWS3 ISN (full 4 bytes as for EGS):

You can generate possible SK list of all 16 or 64 values and use EWS4 emulator to go through them all and find one which works. If CAS is decrypted via real Page3 or SK there is only one correct answer.

Always update key data (if you wish to do that) only if  CAS is in decrypted state. Otherwise unrecoverable damage may occur.

Currently supported ECU’s:

in case of EDC it is possible to view / edit stored rolling code map too (you can check them for consistency if you wish). All checksums are recalculated at file save.