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EGS ISN unlock service

  What it is and how to unlock BMW GS19D MECHATRONIC unit:

  At Your side You need something like DIS (or Tool32 if You are familiar with it), some device programmers (to work with CAS), and some good memory manager for BMW - Abritus, PaSoft210 (Pasoft is the best!) - to read some areas from EGS. Some knowledge and experience necessary. It is possible to read RAM with BMW Explorer too (oricginal one, not fakes!)

  We can generate ISN (it takes about 20 hours to calculate it on mainframe) based on data read from EGS. After that You can write this ISN (4 bytes + checksum) back into CAS and  unblock EGS with DIS or Tool32. If 2 bytes from full ISN are already known (from engine ECU) in case if only CAS data are destroyed by some unknown reason,  everything is much faster and not so problematic.

Attention! In case your car is updated to ISTA 38 and on, you must use spare CAS with old firmware inside and one valid key to unlock EGS. This is due to some individual encryption in latest versions. EWS_EGS must be in “active” state. If you are not sure what CAS SW version you have, we can idenfify it (EEPROM content necessary).

  What you must do:

  You must read RAM from EGS, starting at 0x0000 and up to 0x7FFF.  It is possible to do this with a lot of available tools on the market. So we will explain only one tool here – PAsoft E6x, also known as PaSoft 2.10. Attention: in case if you haven’t built in K to DCAN gateway inside adapter it is possible to buy it from us as a seperate external unit - visit "diagnostic tools"->"BMW".

  And now - how to do this step by step:

  STEP 1 - identify a car:

You will see something like this:

STEP2 – select EGS:

STEP3 – select memory:

STEP4 – select memory area from 0000 to 7FFF, mode 4, length 10 as shown here:


press button “Read memory” and wait until memory read finished.  Save memory and send us a file. Take attention that memory reading can take a lot of time (up to some hours), so good power supply is mandatory.


1. Only thing we guarantee is that ISN calculated by us is correct. No any refunds in case if EGS has internal faults or is damaged by incorrect unblocking.

2. In case if you are not able to unblock EGS by yourself it is possible to send MECHATRONIC unit to us. Any shipment costs are covered by customer.


Starting from 200 and up,  depends on data presented.