2007 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee TPMS

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2007 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee TPMS

Postby Rollux » 11 Jan 2022, 22:40

Sorry to ask if it has been discussed before - I have tried searching the forum using google translate and have not been able to answer my question.

I have a 2007 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee and the immobiliser SKREEM module failed. Is no longer available from Jeep, so I purchased and installed the emulator from this site. It works well and the vehicle is now working :)
But the remote locking does not work and the TPMS system fault is a problem in my country due to regulations. I know these work thru the original SKREEM module. I tried putting the original faulty SKREEM module in parallel with just the Batt, IGN, GND and CAN wires connected to see if it would work but it does not.
Is there a way to either make the TPMS system work or make it not show up with the light and message? If so, a picture on how would be helpful.
Also, is it possible to make the remote locking from the key work again?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

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Re: 2007 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee TPMS

Postby Girts » 12 Jan 2022, 07:10

Central locking from mechanical slot in drivers door works, reason from TPMS is questionable.
Otherwise use original SKREEM.
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